What is a Bioregion?

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What is a Bioregion? From Wikipedia: A bioregion is an ecologically and geographically defined area that is smaller than a biogeographic realm, but larger than an ecoregion or an ecosystem, and is defined along watershed and hydrological boundaries. A key difference between an ecoregion and bioregion, is that while ecoregions are based on general biophysical and ecosystem data, human settlement and cultural patterns play a [...]

Wildlife of the Salish Sea Bioregion

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ANIMALS OF THE SALISH SEA BIOREGION The Salish Sea Bioregion encompasses an intricate network of inland marine waterways and their upland watersheds in Washington and British Columbia. The concept of a cohesive Salish Sea region has become a critical focal point for local bioregional education, research, restoration, conservation, and policy [...]

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